THE last few months have been dominated with the selection of the 45th president of the USA and the excitement this event has generated.

With so many decades behind me I would like to reflect on the selection of past nominees and briefly generalise on a few. I’ve seen Rich Boys, Cowboys, Play Boys, Black Boys, father and sons that had rockets for toys now we have a good old builder boy with a trophy wife, some would say thank heavens he’s not for life.

If the hysteria and violence that this inauguration has generated is reflection of a younger generation of democrats it would appear that democracy is taking a back seat in political life, this is to be feared more than the latest incumbent to the White House.

The worst scenario of his presidency according to some critics would be a trade war, the odd nuclear war and eight years in the oval office.

So to the American voter I would say we all know in politics things never quite turn out as we expect and under the American constitution in four years’ time the circus will come to town once more and if the opposition got their message wrong this time round consider they could be chasing their own dreams and not their voters.

Take notice Westminster.

Francis Ray