ONCE upon a time GCC decided that a ‘new way’ had to be found to dispose of ‘residual waste’.

Well we all know how that ‘saga’ concluded and we can now see the skyline around Javelin Park has dramatically changed with cranes and pile drivers outlined against the sky. The Energy From Waste facility (EFW) is being built.

However, once again the EFW is causing problems. This time the problem is how to route a cable to take the energy generated by the EFW to a substation and the electricity fed into the grid.

The feasibility study, produced some years ago, showed a number of possible routes the cable could take and the subsequent planning application also.

However, in this dynamic and fluid world we all live in there are always changes. ‘Things just happen’. And what has happened is that there is a possibility that the cable could now be routed through the very recently refreshed Stonehouse High Street. Please imagine the dismay felt by all who have any sort of relationship with this area, not to mention the many travellers who use the B4008. Business on the High Street will see their trade affected again, travellers never like having their travel arrangements disrupted and the residents of Stonehouse are in a state of disbelief. And so am I.

Please help me fight this quite ridiculous proposal. There are petitions in all the shops in the High Street - please sign one.

The vibrancy of the retail life of the High Street, and all who use it, in Stonehouse needs you now. The petition titled Say No To The Stonehouse Big Dig is also available at goo.gl/wb9xRR Lesley Williams Labour county councillor for Stonehouse