ON the Stroud For Bridges Not Walls demonstration against the inauguration of Donald Trump Posted by Ex-stroudie: Haven’t we got enough problems of our own especially the decimated NHS?

Posted by kjag23: Thankfully most people can care about more than one thing at a time.

Posted by Nevertrustahippy: And then off to the Star Annoys Cafe for a vegan bring and share whilst planning the next ‘demo’.. ‘ooh can we do trident next time im really good at painting rockets?’ “We the people”...how dare you try to co-opt a whole town into your middle class leftie hobby!

Posted by SensibleStroudy: “A world which urgently needs a new kind of politics.” Yes, a politics where people can’t vote for people or policies which me and my hippy friends don’t approve of!

Posted by MoreSilentMajority: The liberal left just hates. They hate that they lost, here and in the States. They hate anyone who disagrees with them and their ‘entitlement’ to largess from the public purse. They hate losing their power over the deplorables, - we the people - who did not listen to their demands we vote them into power. They hate knowing they are better than we are and we do do not let them dictate our lives.

Posted by Crow: I think a lot of the people who vote for him will be disappointed. He is a bit full of hot air, and making America great again probably wont happen under his leadership.

Posted by Mad in Stroud: I would be interested to know if Stroudies reacted similarly in 2001 when George Dubya Bush was elected President ?

Posted by Gandalf The Grey: At least the Americans can vote Trump out in four years time (democracy at work, eh?). What about a protest or two against the immovable Putin, or Mugabe, or that nice north Korean gentleman with the nuclear missiles – Kim Wrong-Un, isn’t it? No? Thought not.

Posted by MoreSilentMajority: Putin’s Russia has just decided to reduce sentences for domestic violence against women.Where are the protests?All DT’s done so far is to start reducing the loony left’s giveaway programs and started to reduce the flood of illegals and prevent terrorists sneaking in with them.

Posted by Allan Zed: Much of the civilised world has been subjected to several decades of deranged leftist dogma. It may take time and effort before things start to return to some semblance of normality but there’s change at last.