I WOULD like to thank Richard House for going to such lengths, such very great lengths, to set me straight on the matter of Wi-Fi risks and so much more (letters, Jan 11).

I now realise that my foolish insistence on evidence was due to my failure to grasp the post-truth Zeitgeist and will henceforth embrace any and all ideas, however implausible, without question.

Furthermore, he has shown me that Rudolf Steiner, someone I and many others previously regarded as a charlatan, was probably the greatest scientist and philosopher of the 20th century, rivalled only by David Icke.

If Steiner says humans originated on Atlantis and gnomes are real, that’s good enough for me.

Above all I would like to thank Richard for so graciously sharing the benefits of his superior spiritual insight with mankind.

We are not worthy.

Jim (not Tom) Watson