I AM a resident of Stroud and feel very excited that every three weeks an amazing thing happens within this district which not many people know about but it should be honoured and enjoyed for what it is.

Our wonderful Christian book shop and cafe Scroll Eaters in the Brunel Mall, owned by Mike and Tiniker Juggins, puts on an amazing, catalogue of Christian films once every three weeks at Ebley Baptised church.

As a fellow Christian, I believe that the Juggins are stepping out in Faith where a lot of us fail.

To believe in a God who is always faithful to us know matter what.

They are open six days a week in addition to their humble efforts of just wishing to bless anybody who walks through the front door of the shop/ cafe or the Church, they do not judge as we are asked not to either, but just to love.

I believe that more people could benefit from this wonderful opportunity to see many Christian films those that have even reached the USA box office. Bless them that bless you.

John Shellswell