ON the petition calling for plans for an official state visit to the UK by US President Donald Trump to be scrapped.

Posted by bradburypound: The executive order is based on security reviews conducted under Obama’s Presidency.

The 2015 Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 named Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Syria, while its 2016 update added Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The temporary travel bans are on citizens of these countries and not on peoples religions beliefs.

No protests for when Obama banned Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, or when Obama banned immigration from Venezuela in 2014.

Saudi Arabia has a tented city, with plumbing, electricity and air-conditioning for three million refugees right now. Saudi refuses to allow Syrian refugees to cross its border but I see no media led outrage to protest about.

UK licences for exports to Saudi worth more than £1.75bn, fuelling the war on Yemen by Saudi killing 5,800, tens of thousands wounded and 2.5 million have fled. Funding, arming and supporting terrorist in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government.

Posted by richie5817: Well said...I never knew there were 3,750 liberals in the Stroud area with their heads up their own a@@es...

Posted by Mad in Stroud: It is a natural instinct to protect your family and community from invasion and predation.

This is what Trump’s motivation is. Full marks to him for trying – I am not sure he will succeed, as the ISIS threat is akin to the hydra – remove one head and several others appear. He openly admits that the US doesn’t understand what radical Islam is all about, other than the threat that it imposes, and has called time to consider a response and reaction, by imposing a temporary ban on immigration from Muslim countries which potentially cloak Jihadists within legitimate refugee enclaves.

This seems sensible to me, but there are obviously individual injustices, such as the interpreter, who is now denied his family access to the US. These individual cases could and should be handled outside of the blanket ban.

Posted by charmedone: How come the SNJ never mentions the fact that people have signed the other petition to allow president Trump to come to this country. But then we can’t upset the greenies can we.