ON the plans for a 37-house canal-side development next to Stroud railway station which have been approved.

Posted by legalgirl1: I moved to Stroud by Ebley Wharf just under three years ago and what I have learned from the long-term residents is that the development has helped over and over with the peaceful tranquil setting – something I fell in love with immediately! I back this new development 100 per cent if it resembles sympathetic restoration like Ebley Wharf – absolute delight and worth every penny!

Posted by Salendine: A positive move. Tidying up a scruffy and under utilised part of the town. With this and the decision to purchase the Ship Inn the council is on a roll.

On the posters which appeared on MP Neil Carmichael’s office criticising the Tories’ handling of the NHS.

Posted by Barry-Stroud: Mr Carmichael must be a sensitive chap if he considers the protest ‘offensive’ – ‘I don’t think offensive name calling helps any argument.’ Posted by MoreSilentMajority: Labour has been harping on and beating the same old tired horse since 1948. We hear every few weeks that ‘the Tories will destroy the NHS in four days’. They never have but for almost 70 years Labour has tried this scare tactic. If anyone is killing the NHS it’s spendthrift Labour-imposed micromanagement and reporting levels. Defacing a building like this is vandalism.

Posted by Difficult_Questions: I didn’t see any evidence to attribute these posters to any political party? Merely someone making a currently valid point – the present government is consistently reducing the funding and capacity of national services, including the NHS, and offering privatisation for profit as a solution.

Posted by JulianCBrown: The only vandals on the political scene are the Tories. They have imposed cuts to all social spending, they have privatised and cut resources to prisons resulting in rioting, they are privatising the NHS by stealth and making the rich wealthier. They have forced sick people back to work, they have made housing for ordinary folk impossible to obtain, they have decimated the police and armed forces, they have increased borrowing dramatically, they have sold off much of our national infrastructure to foreign companies and to top it all they want to re-legalise the cruel practice of hunting our wild foxes, hare and deer! The poster protesters in Nailsworth are heroes!