On the new planning application for an Aldi on the Bath Road Trading Estate in Dudbridge.

Posted by charmedone: If Aldi were to incorporate a cafe in there plans it would definitely get planning permission. after all that’s the only thing the council does is grant planning permission for cafes and takeaways.

Posted by DanBob: Yes to Aldi but is this the right location? Unless they intend to do something about traffic and the adjoining already dangerous junction, then I’m not sure it is. I sincerely hope this revised application addresses these concerns for those of us who live near by.

Posted by Jon Hall: It’s all well and good for convenience but do people (those who were upset by the original planning refusal) not realise, or care even, that each and every ‘convenience’ store outside of a town has a direct detrimental effect on all nearby towns resulting in the gradual decline of those towns?

The displacement of thriving businesses - many employing highly skilled staff and the subsequent financial difficulty forced upon those businesses having to relocate at their own cost (although the landowner sets to do well financially from this it seems they are not willing to help their longstanding tenants with the financial burden of relocation) with potential job losses on the cards surely cannot be offset by the creation of new jobs at a convenience store. There are better suited sites locally - without the traffic issues - if we really must have a new store within the Stroud area.

Posted by TigerTigerBurningBright: The result of an Aldi will be lost local jobs and damage to the surrounding area.

Posted by mmaxab: Stroud has already survived Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and the Co-op and appears appears to be thriving, does anyone remember what Stroud was like in the 1980s before supermarkets - estate agents, shoe shops and travel agents and lots of empty shops - the only businesses that will suffer are the other supermarkets because Aldi is better value than them. People don’t suddenly stop shopping at the farmers’ market or Moonflower because Aldi has arrived, it’s about value for money.

Businesses don’t go out of business because they have to move they go out of business because they aren’t very good at business for whatever reason that might be, I have sympathy for the ones ‘forced’ to move but if they are good they will survive