ON THE plans by the Kitsch Coffee & Wine Bar to move into the vacant Mace store in Ebley.

Posted by MH: Excellent news. I love this cafe - it’s comfortable and welcoming and looks beautiful by the canal when its lit up in the evenings. It also does the best millionaire’s shortbread I’ve ever had! I wish it continued success.

On Ecotricity’s plans for a new building on the site of the former tax office in Merrywalks, Stroud.

Posted by Phyllus Jones: Dreadful looking monstrosity.

It would not fit in with the many old stone buildings in the rest of Stroud. I’m very much against it. It will no doubt get rubber stamped regardless of public opinion.

Posted by Crow: Public opinion? Not everyone thinks that architecture should be stuck in the past.

Posted by Augustus Gloop: This part of Stroud has run-down and tired buildings and very little architectural merit. I’m not a huge fan of Ecotricity but new and bold architecture is fine by me. I think that was another “public opinion”.

On the situation at Mr Twitchett’s Coffee House & Bar in the Sub Rooms.

Posted by Ex-stroudie: Very sad to hear this. A lovely place to visit Posted by Ispeak4U: How is it of all the cafés and coffee houses in Stroud, its the one that is owned by the council (and so funded by the taxpayer!) which makes a £30k loss?

Posted by Arum: Why have the staff been made redundant before the consultation has begun?

Has Mr Twitchett’s really made a £30K loss or is that the running costs?

This needs to be clarified by SDC and an explanation given.

On the investment worth £700,000 which has been given by Gloucestershire County Council to the canal project.

Posted by Phyllus Jones: Many of us are hoping that Thames Water will use the route of the canal for transferring water from the Severn to the Thames, the quid pro quo for use of the canal’s land being construction of the remainder of the canal.

Thames Water is also considering constructing a pipeline further north for the water transfer. A letter to the local MP asking for his and other MPs’ support in helping Thames Water decide on using the canal route would be very helpful. Both routes have been under intense study by Thames Water for the past three or four years.

Posted by Crow: How would that work? Pipe sunken into the canal?