RE the letter about I, Daniel Blake.

Roger Gough’s letter of May 3, criticising Ken Loach and his portrayal of Daniel Blake seriously misses the plot and is incorrect.

He seems to have forgotten, or missed altogether, the fact that the main character is that of a man in his 50s who has suffered a heart attack and has been advised by his doctor not to work.

It is not that he is unable to find work but that he is too ill to work full time and earn his living.

The film demonstrates the difficulties that many thousands of people in similar situations suffer when they try to claim benefits due to unemployment or sickness.

The film also demonstrates that there is something very wrong with a benefits system which is so complicated, process driven and confusing that it is difficult to navigate without expert help and advice.

At Citizens Advice we see people like Daniel Blake every day and our appeal rate of success for those we help is over 85 per cent.

Roger Gough would be better examining the ongoing benefit reforms and benefit system rather than attacking Ken Loach for making a very true portrayal of a sick man’s struggle to claim his benefit entitlements.

Beverley McGowan