I ASSUME Mr Gough (‘Put upon working class’ SNJ, May 3) lives, as I do, in the cosy bubble of the Cotswolds and has not much experience of life more than 10 miles from a Waitrose supermarket.

He describes Daniel Blake as the typical ‘Leave’ voter. I’m pretty certain there were no references to Blake’s support or otherwise of Brexit in I, Daniel Blake as the film was shot many months before that disastrous and divisive referendum.

The reason why many ‘Leavers’ and ‘Remainers’ are ignorant and/or confused about the European question is that very few truths were told at the time of the referendum.

We were subjected to ‘false news’ which in my opinion was all false and no news - and it continues to be promulgated, not least by UKIP.

I wasn’t aware that Newcastle was stuffed with bijou custom furniture shops, from which Blake’s work would ‘fly off the shelves’ or that people use food banks as they don’t fancy the goods that Sainsbury’s sell.

If Mr Gough prefers the histrionic gitz of ‘Britain’s got talent’ to the output of a film maker who bothers to research his subject and has a track record of seriously influential films, perhaps your correspondent should have watched La La Land instead of I,Daniel Blake.

More his sort of thing, surely.

Alan Vaughan

Liberal left film maker