ON the anti-Fracking protest at Barclays bank in Stroud.

Posted by Pisces123: I hope they get billed for the police presence! Wonder how committed they would be then! Shall we all do the same to McDonald’s as a protest against obesity, or the hospitals as a protest at NHS cuts.......they need to grow up! Where is the line drawn between peaceful protest and criminal damage?

Posted by nath camm: Well done those guys...at least they are trying to do something unlike the keyboard warriors that comment on here and other sites hiding behind a fake name. Direct action is the only way to change things.

Posted by MoreSilentMajority: Ah, well, half good comments so far, half typical Corbynite lefty praise for the typical Labour ‘intelligent’ methods of convincing others. These are usually destructive protests and chanting drivel, leading to riots and defacing and destroying other working people’s property, and assaulting police and/or anyone who doesn’t think like they do, hitting them with their ‘stop the hate’ signs and accusing Tories of things they’ve never done and/or insulting anyone further right than they are.

Posted by A Stroud Worm: I support the protesters. Well done. A good message, clearly delivered. No damage to anyone or anything.

However, since hearing that the bank are so heavily invested in fracking I have decided to close my account with them.

Therefore, the people who demonstrated and this news page that reported it have given me some information that I was unaware of.

It is for that reason that I applaud them.

Posted by Joesoapsbrother: I love it when the ‘right on’ idiots start defending the indefensible.

Bet you bottom dollar they all have gas in their homes or squats and have no idea where it comes from? Someone introduce them to the bunch against the incinerator. Both parties equally misguided.

Posted by BobinStroud: The hypocrisy of it all. Fracking is a process that probably 90 per cent of all wells go through, so it’s quite amusing that they use acrylic paint, a plastic megaphone, drink tea/coffee from disposable cups (which are either polystyrene or paper bonded with plastic) with a plastic lid. Where do they think this plastic come from? The oil used to produce those items will more than likely have come from wells that were once fracked! These people are against fracking of shale wells but they don’t know the difference!