RE: MANKLEY Field Development.

I write following Averil Craddock’s letter.

The planning committee at SDC opposed the development, although the planning officer at SDC, Darryl Rogers recommended development.

It was the planning inspector who allowed the appeal.

At the appeal hearing I specifically asked the inspector to take a good look at the routes in and out of the village.

I do not know whether he was made aware of the degree of disruption and danger which would occur from granting permission or whether he chose to ignore the consequences that would ensue from permitting it.

Did the inspector know that each route into the village would need to be closed, some for considerable periods?

The saga commenced with Marsh Lane which only affected a few residents but the widening of the single lane to a two lane road took from Christmas to April to complete.

That was followed by a lengthy closure of Bath Road, cutting the two villages off from each other between April and June.

Then came the closure of Ryeford Bridge from June to mid August so that the bridge could be strengthened and a priority system introduced.

Almost immediately the gas men arrived, without warning, and set up traffic lights in Marsh Road for a five week period.

This is to be followed by Bath Road at Seven Waters being closed from November 1 to 17 because the culvert is collapsing.

That is to be followed by a three month closure of the road to Middleyard for Severn Trent.

A reliable source is also suggesting that Stanley Downton needs closure as the bridge there also requires strengthening.

The parish council refused to agree a route for the lorries into the village as they considered that there was no safe route.

I complained about the dirt to the enforcement officer at SDC and this was part of his response: “The road is not muddy in the true sense of the word.

“There is a slight film of muddy water over the road but the road will never be able to be kept as clean as a normal road should look.

“Water and dirt produce this thin film over the surface which is dropped from the wheels of washed lorries and as such it will never be able to be eradicated completely whilst development is on-going.”

It seems we have to live with this filth although roads around other developments appear much cleaner.

It is of great concern that SDC is considering forcing more development here.

Even the lorry drivers and workers have commented “who on earth allowed this development” and the construction manager of Barratts said to me development in Leonard Stanley is “max’d out.”

We already have a third of our housing stock as social/affordable homes.

No need for more here.

Finally, the bus drivers deserve a medal for their stoical endurance of the appalling conditions, with which they are faced daily in this village.

Diane Odell Leonard Stanley Iconic barn MAY I please bring to your attention the following planning application submitted by the Bathurst Estate.

Cotswold District Council planning application No 17/02938/FUL This application concerns barns, one being an iconic Dutch barn, situated at Aston Down, Frampton Mansell under the flight path of the active Aston Down Airfield.

As you may recall, there have been two fatal glider crashes over the years.

Both stories carried by the Stroud News & Journal (2015 and 2001).

As you will no doubt be aware, this specific area is in a designated AONB as well as being a vast agricultural space used over the generations.

Many people from the village and beyond are concerned about this proposed development for not just the reason that a housing estate could pop up but the track leading up to these barns is the only safe area for people to walk.

Other than a short-pathed area leading down to the pub, we are forced out onto the road.

To date there have been 35 objections to this application, which can be found online.

We are only a small village but feelings are running high!

Jill Froggatt

Frampton Mansell