CHRIS Harmer asks in his letter (20/9/2017) ‘Is there a photographic record of Lewis and Hole’s foundry at Dudbridge?’ He may be interested to learn that the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology (GSIA) made such a record, in June 1996, just before everything was demolished for the Sainsbury’s supermarket now on the site.

In addition a video recording was made of the processes and interviews conducted with some of the staff.

The history of the firm was subsequently researched by members and this can be found on the Internet at This is one of the many projects undertaken during the 53 years GSIA has been in existence, some of which may be found at the same web address.

The Stroud area has a very rich and varied industrial heritage, including the sites once occupied by Redlers at Dudbridge, and TH & J Daniels and Erinoid both on the Bath Road which are likely to be redeveloped in the near future.

As Mr Harmer rightly points out, it is important that a least a photographic record is made, as thousands of Stroud residents (and beyond) worked in these factories over the years.

GSIA do already have photographs of these sites and we will be improving our records before the land is cleared for redevelopment.

GSIA welcomes non-members at all our activities summer visits, winter talks and researching our industrial heritage.

We would like to hear from anyone with memories of our former industries, especially anyone with photographs which we could carefully copy for our archives.

At present we are very interested in the Salmon Springs Brewery site in its Whitbread days and can be contacted on 01453 860595 or at

Dr Ray Wilson

Honorary Secretary Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology Coaley