ON the decision to raise parking charges in Stroud, Stonehouse and Painswick.

Posted by BobinStroud: And yet Nailsworth and Dursley are still free, where’s the fairness?!

Posted by Can’t Take Much More: Took the words out of my mouth. If they were to stop wasting money, Stroud would be free.

Posted by TigerTigerBurningBright: I’m not sure Nailsworth has a museum, leisure centre and swimming pool or train station? Dursley has a leisure centre and pool but no train station. Where’s the fairness?

Posted by BobinStroud: And Stonehouse and Painswick have all of these?

Posted by Cots Adorer: It is still phenomenal value for money compared to most parts of Britain. Be grateful it isn’t higher Stroudies. It is value for money and won’t harm the town.

Posted by Nick Mills: It is a strange time when the local council wittingly decides to try to kill off its own town centre.

Stroud is being strangled by the larger out of town shopping malls and garden centres with free parking, as well as the onslaught by the internet.

Putting up parking charges will not bring more revenue, but will reduce footfall, decrease shop turnover, and hence business rates.

Sad days...

Posted by Gothamite: Well we will soon see if you are right Mr Lydon but I predict the demise of Stroud especially with free parking nearby at Nailsworth. Still you carry on as usual and we’ll await the outcome Posted by dave1167: Of course they have decided to put the charges up as we approach the festive season - Ho ho ho!!

On the decision by district councillors in Stroud to refuse to hand back more than £500,000 it owes to the Government saying that the payment is a ‘stealth tax’.

Posted by Flash1971: But we have to fund the magic money tree that suddenly took root in the back garden of No 10 after the election. This is so the PM can bribe the DUP to keep her in power. Total cost £100m per MP, Meanwhile NHS nurses can’t have a pay rise and members of the house of Lords get £300 per day to turn up and go to sleep, and our public services are cut to the bone. We’re all in this together!

Posted by Barry-Stroud: Imagine the trouble I would be in if I withheld my council tax as a protest? Surely they know they are on a hiding to nowhere.