I READ with interest the article regarding the local plan and thought I should throw an insight into what it actually means.

It should be a statement of fact, guides and rules that must be adhered to to preserve our area.

In reality, the council planners can 100 per cent choose to ignore the local plan if they see fit.

Several years ago a small development of four houses was proposed and agreed by SDC in Laburnum Walk, Stonehouse, next door to my house.

The proposal was approved by SDC but several aspects were absolutely in breach of the local plan as fortunately I found out.

After a lengthy appeal an officer from Bristol visited to make the final decision, it was not approved on the grounds that it contravened the local plan.

Why then are SDC planning officers able to ignore the plan, the exact question I raised with the then chief planning officer, his answer was that they are able to if they see fit.

So what exactly is the point of the plan, none I’d say.

Let’s not get fooled by SDC that the areas we treasure and live in are protected by the rules laid out before us.

David Brewin

King’s Stanley