ON the plans to turn Tricorn House into flats.

Posted by Cots Adorer: We moved to Stroud in 1994. Tricorn House was the first sight greeting us as we arrived from the motorway...we thought, never mind, they’ll have that sorted out soon - as it looked atrocious then. Here we are a full 23 years later, with a toothless, feckless, succession of feeble planners and council jobsworths seemingly unable to do anything at all for that entire time to force change on that building. If ever there was a situation which showed how ineffective local authority departments are in the field of abandoned buildings, this is it. Every planner and council bod involved in owner negotiations over this building should be fired.

Posted by Salendine: Not sure that it is entirely fair. I believe the owner of the land was a nightmare and so other than compulsory purchase it is difficult to know what SDC could have done.

Posted by GJP: Brilliant, brilliant. Thank you for that Cots Adorer. You have summed up my feelings, and no doubt those of many other locals, sick to death with this eyesore. You are spot on!

Posted by Flash197: The property is owned by a developer so not SDC’s responsibility! The owner is simply letting the land appreciate in value, so nothing will be done. It’s how they operate these days.

Posted by BobinStroud: As a residential home it would be fine, the small car park proposed would suit staff and visitors, however if it is turned into flats where are all the people going to park? Unless they drastically increase the parking area, people will be forced to park in the already congested side streets in the area. Stupid idea.

Posted by Pisces123: The best thing that could happen to that blot on the landscape is for it to be completely flattened and the area put to leisure use for the poor residents that have had to endure that concrete monstrosity for, what must seem like, an eternity. So many promises from the council that it will be redeveloped, which have all come to a big fat nothing!

Posted by Gothamite: Raze it to the ground and plant it with an attractive display. Who would want to live there? Totally unsuitable for residential use.

Posted by Salendine: It always surprises me where people are willing to live. If they built it they would buy it.

Posted by Crow: What is wrong with it being residential (apart from the parking issue)? I think it could be pretty could for apartments.