DALE Vince’s plans to ‘save’ the Subscription Rooms seem inappropriate, given that he plans to install his staff in the building when it is not in use by the public.

Mr Vince already owns quite a number of buildings in Stroud which are presumably filled with staff.

Thus I find it surprising that he needs even more space.

It would be interesting to know how many employees he has, particularly as in my experience, he does not have enough staff to deal with simple administration problems at Ecotricity.

I am still awaiting resolution of a billing complaint after calling at the Russell Street office over a month ago and sending several emails.

Mr Vince is currently a director of 88 UK companies and no doubt they all keep him busy.

The Sub Rooms needs to be run by someone who has experience and knowledge of the entertainment business, and Dale Vince admits this ‘is not my area of expertise’.

He says it only has room for 2-300 - in fact the main hall has a capacity of 450.

This week the building has five events planned, not just at the weekend as Mr Vince claims.

He is misinformed about the venue and does not seem to appreciate its current form.

For years I have enjoyed many events and exhibitions in its rooms; generally all have been well-organised and well-attended.

It would seem that Stroud Trust (and its various experts) has a better chance of running the Sub Rooms as we all know and love them.

Long may it continue as a venue throughout the week and not just when a company and its staff move their desks out and let us in at weekends.

John Beecher