HAVING just read Andy Williams letter on the motorhome/caravan debate I would like to add that both are very enjoyable but totally different in the way that the countryside is enjoyed.

He rightly says that with caravan the van is pitched and sorted for a longer stay whilst the car is used for exploring the local area.

I would expect that to pitch a caravan, erect awning etc would take a few hours whereas we can be on site, electrical connections, TV tuned and kettle on within 5/10 minutes.

We use our van conversion differently in that we only stay at a site for the maximum of four nights and then we move on, often to a wild camp site if we are in Scotland.

With a small motorhome it is also possible to stay in pub car parks, as long as you enjoy the offer within the pub.

With either forms of travel you have to be precise in storage and organisation as space is at a premium. I would totally disagree with his comment “lumber an awkward and deeply unecological vehicle around” - our van is 1052mm longer that a five series BWM and as wide (but a lot higher) and on a long run to Scotland I can achieve 37 MPG and my overall fuel consumption for the year is just below 31 MPG. Which is probably better that a small car pulling a caravan.

We have no problems parking in supermarket /general car parks but we object when there are height barriers in car parks which is a real pain.

A number of local authorities actually have motorhome bays in car parks.

Whatever method of enjoyment that you have, both the motorhome and the caravan have their merits and their pitfalls.

However, one thing that I can not understand is the current expanding trend of a motorhome pulling a small car. Why not just have a car pulling a caravan it makes better sense.

Paul Lilly

Chalford Hill