Madam - I am writing to you so that through the pages of your local paper a deeply upsetting and dangerous situation can be highlighted.

I was walking with my wife and our three dogs down from Swifts Hill Nature Reserve yesterday afternoon around 5.00pm As we walked past a house two large labrador dogs came rushing towards us from the adjacent yard and attacked our dogs which we had on leads. During this attack the labradors totally ignored their owners commands and savaged one of our dogs, a small whippet. She received a very deep injury on the chest measuring about three inches by four inches. The owners of the labradors were very unconcerned despite their dogs being dangerously out of control on the public road. My dog required a general anaesthetic and many stitches incurring a vets bill currently approaching £350.

As this is a public highway to and from a nature reserve and popular with dog walkers and ramblers who frequent the Slad Valley, often accompanied by small children, both locally and nationally famous I think it is essential that this danger is highlighted so that people can walk along this road in safety without the prospect of being attacked by large dangerous dogs. The consequences had I had my grandchildren with me are unthinkable. The incident has been reported to the local dog warden and to the police as this has not been an isolated incident albeit that no injury has occurred on previous occasions.

I trust you will be able to inform the public in an appropriate manner.

Jim Divers Slad Road, Slad