Division 1

Stroud Cobras 59

Hucclecote Storm 41

STROUD Cobras came out on top against Hucclecote Storm.

Tuesday Wilmott (GK) and Lily Cheetham (GD) worked hard in the second half to ensure the number of passes into the tall Hucclecote GS were minimised and interceptions maximised.

Lorraine Hunt (GA) and Leanne Pearce (WA) gained space from their players and fed into the circle accurately, backed up strongly by Becky Morgan (C).

Player of the match: Becky Morgan.

Players' Player: Lily Cheetham. 

Division 2

Stroud Pythons 39

Seven Up 27

IT was a crucial game for both Stroud and Seven Up, so both teams came out fighting from the starting whistle.

With some steady play, Stroud slowly started to pull into the lead with good attacking play and accurate shooting from Amie Watkins (GA) and Kath Portbury (GS).

By half-time Stroud had taken a good lead however some tactical changes from Seven Up resulted in Stroud slowly losing their lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

However, Stroud's defence quickly adapted with Nikki Fletcher's (GK) quick thinking and stopped Seven Up's attack to ensure Stroud's very much needed win.

Player of the match: Rebecca Cook.

Players' player: Amie Watkins. 

Division 6: Stroud Vipers 26 Gloucester Ladies D 24