A QUARTET of the world’s top BMX street riders will appear at Rush Skatepark at Brimscombe Port.

Riders Kriss Kyle, Bruno Hoffman, Anthony Perrin and Simone Barraco, will be hitting some of the best skate parks across the UK in a week-long tour.

The Red Bull Local Hero tour aims to connect young BMX enthusiasts with their sporting idols, and gives them a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride their local skate parks with their heroes.

In addition to this, every skate park will hold a street Jam where Bruno, Simone, Kriss and Anthony will be selecting a very special few riders to come down to Vans Rebel Jam, on November22, for an exclusive chance to ride the Rebel Jam street course.

The tour will arrive at Rush Skatepark on Tuesday, August 19 from 1.30pm.