SIX games played, twelve points won, four goals conceded and just three points from the top of the table. Add to that a team that never knows it is beaten, can come from behind and salvage something from the game.

All these undisputed points show that a firm foundation is being laid for the season.

To use a biblical analogy Ady is building his team on the rocks, rather than the insubstantial sand of last season.

My view is that we have every reason from optimism and hope. The evidence for this is growing each match.

Some fans, totally genuine and with a deep love of the club may disagree. On the coach back from Welling concerns were raised, mainly about the type of football being played and the few goals being scored.

The game against Welling had been an untidy affair, short on football, but with some exciting moments. Coming after the Bristol Rovers game some were questioning the ability of the team to play good enough football.

Do they not, after a statistically good start deserve the benefit of the doubt? Certainly there are areas where there can be improvements. On Saturday the two strikers, Parkin and Hughes received minimal service and often seemed isolated. This meant that their lack of mobility was exposed.

Welling, who swarmed around the ball with the ferocity of feeding piranha fish gave Rovers no time to be subtle. The result was too much football of the hit and hope variety.

It was not all like that. Lee Hughes set up our goal with a moment of sublime skill. The always eager James Norwood took his chance eagerly and thoroughly deserved being selected in the starting line up. Marcus Kelly also shone but faded in the second half. A deft cross by him should have put us in the lead. It was typical Kelly – he found space and his final delivery was excellent, finding unmarked Jon Parkin. The resultant firm header was too straight and goalkeeper Turner saved easily.

Now for Wrexham. They are unbeaten away from home so they will be a real test.

Playing departures have not surprised me. At the age Bangura and Wright are they need to be playing all the time or their careers would soon be lost.

Wright has made an excellent move and Bangura, now being a free agent does not have to worry about the imminent transfer deadline. Viera, who cannot get a game at Nuneaton, may join the exodus.

The manager is hopeful of adding to the squad and how this is done was a matter of considerable discussion on Saturday.

Some favoured a quick young striker, others a defender who could play at full-back, so as well as Wrexham there may be a fresh Forest Green face on display Saturday. My choice is a full-back – cover for Pipe and Stokes is limited.

Despite the match on Saturday not providing a footballing feast the visit to Welling, a warm welcoming club, was most enjoyable.

The ground is amazing, being a throwback to the 1950s, but none the worse for that. Mrs Light tells me the stand seats were uncomfortable but that is a small problem.

There must always be a place in the top tier of non-league football for clubs like Welling.

The limitations of the ground showed us how fortunate we are in the facilities at FGR.

Anyone who complains about the New Lawn needs to get out more!

I finish by referring back to my comments about firm foundations. Now we want to see an attractive building arise, then we can all look forward to an attractive topping out ceremony.