THE end of season pairs and singles competitions will be held at Matchplay Snooker Club.

Men’s Pairs - Wednesday, April 26, 7.20pm

Chalford AFC B, Victorians, Tapps A, Aces B, Press Gang A, Tapps B, Newboys B, Merrywalkers B 7.40pm - Newboys A, Frampton CC B, 89ers A, Lansdown Wanderers, Malaccas B, Pot Bellied Porkers B, 89ers B, Boozers B. - 3Ds B, Lads n Lassies A, Randwick Cricketers A, Defending Champions (C Law / D Harkins - 3Ds), Shipwreckers, Chalford AFC A, Victorians B.

8.20pm - Razors B, Boozers A, Farmers, Patch Rats A, Malaccas A, 3D’s A.

8.40pm - Randwick Cricketers B, Razors A, Frampton CC A, Aces A, Reformers, Lads n Lassies B.

9pm - Press Gang B, Pot Belliwed Porkers A, Merrywalkers A.

Ladies Pairs - Thursday, April 27, 7.20pm

Springers B, Lads n Lassies A, Springers A, Edgehogs, Crackerjacks, Matchplay Hooters B.

7.40pm - Misfits, Fallen Angels A, Lads n Lassies B, Madcapps B, Fallen Angels B, Gems A.

8pm - Batches B, Ladybirds B, Defending Champions (A Winder / S Saunders - Batches), Scarlet Ladies, Castaways B 8:20pm - Runabouts B, Newpins, Castaways A, Batches A.

8.40pm - 89ers, Gems B, Runabouts A, Little Devils.

9pm - Matchplay Hooters A, Madcapps B, Follys, Slick Chicks, Ladybirds A.

Mixed Pairs - Friday, April 28, 7.30pm

A Baxter / J Baxter, S Wilkes / R Wilkes.

7.50pm - C Clutterbuck / S Tarr, C Silvey / T Hanks, S Allen / P Belcher, D Girdwood / A Roffe, E Blick / J Holmes, C Read / I Blake.

8.10pm - Kelly / Karl, K Roffe / D Townswend, M Bridges / H Bridges, S Coole / J Handley, M Webster / D Webster, H Scott / R Hill.

8.30pm - S Tombs / D Tombs, M Low / N Silvey, C Wyman / T Wyman, R Price / P Hill, Defending Champions (A Winder / F Winder), C Barnfield / T Barnfield.

8.50pm - S Shill / G Barnard, J Dullea / S Beard, A Strafford / P Strafford, S Curtis / S Curtis, S Bishop / S Smart.

Men's Singles - Tuesday, May 2 Alley 1 - Razors B, Shipwreckers B, Merrywalkers A, Defending Champion (S Ireland - Victorians), Aces A, Randwick Cricketers B, Pot Bellied Porkers A, Chalford AFC B.

Alley 2 - Frampton CC A, 89ers A, Press Gang, Farmers A, Victorians B, Patch Rats B, Tapps A, Belly-Enders.

Alley 3 - Aces B, Malaccas B, Frampton CC B, Patxh Rats A, Tapps B, Razors A, Merrywalkers B, Newboys A.

Alley 4 - Shipwreckers A, Victorians A, Farmers B, Randwick Cricketers A, Chalford AFC A, 89ers B, Pot Bellied Porkers B, Malaccas A, Newboys B.

Ladies Singles - Wednesday, May 3

Alley 1 - Little Devils B, Madcapps B, Crackerjacks A, Runabouts A, Matchplay hooters A, Ladybirds A, Gems A Alley 2 - Misfits, Batches B, Ladybirds B, Matchplay Hooters B, 89ers A, Castaways A, Madcapps A, Crackerjacks B Alley 3 - Defending Champion (H Bridges - Batches), Slick Chicks B, Newpins, Madcapps A, Springers B, Runabouts B, Castaways B.

Alley 4 - Springers A, Slick Chicks A, Gems B, Ladybirds A, 89ers B, Little Devils A, Batches A.