By Steve Hill

CAPTAIN Keith Daniels’ remarkable run of three successive unbeaten centuries for Gloucestershire Over 60s has been brought to an end … by the rain!

The 66-year-old had the chance to make it four tons in four weeks for the veterans who were due to face local rivals Somerset at Midsomer Norton.

But Keith will now have to wait for the Seevent National Championship group game to be rearranged before attempting to complete what would surely be a unique feat.

His superb series of innings began with 100 exactly which helped clinch a nine-wicket win against Devon before he followed up with 114 in an 84-run triumph against Wiltshire and then 128 in a 23-run victory over Wales.

The results pleased Keith as much as his personal success which is just the latest achievement in a wonderful career.

If he has one regret it is that he has not kept a full record of his cricket life which includes scoring more than a hundred 100s over the years for clubs such as Cranham, who he currently plays for in the Bank House Gloucestershire County League, Stroud, (the now defunct) Cotswold, Gloucestershire Gypsies and St Luke’s College as well as in representative games.

Keith, who celebrates his 67th birthday on Saturday and puts players half his age to shame with his fitness, said: “I want to keep going as long as I can.

“I retired from teaching when I was 60 and since then I’ve had a lot more time to work on my fitness and it does make a big difference.

“If you’re not fit then there’s no way you can bat 40 or 45 overs, and to be honest there aren’t that many people around in these games who can.”

Keith made a series of appearances for England Over 60s soon after qualifying, including helping secure a 4-0 victory over Australia, before disappearing off the selectors’ radar despite continuing to score heavily and being fitter now than he was then.

But it may not be too long before he gets another chance to play international cricket as England now run an Over 70 side which can, apparently, select one 68 and one 69-year-old!

First, though, there’s a derby date with Somerset to look forward to, and the need to secure a victory that would put Gloucestershire through to the knock out stages of the national competition.