FORMER Mansfield Town captain Lee Collins is going to get a big hug from his old gaffer.

Returning to his old stamping ground, the new Forest Green defender has been promised a warm welcome from Steve Evans, who admitted this week it was a tough call to let his ex-captain leave this summer.

Evans told “He will get a big hug from me as it was my toughest decision of all of them in the summer. “He was fantastic for me in some games last season and it was just about we were going to play and how we were going to try to move people around.

“There was a big decision about was it Lee Collins or Paul Digby as I wanted to bring Paul Digby in.

“One is no better than the other and Paul Digby has not played a fraction of the League games Lee Collins has.

“He is a good player and he will get a warm reception, as he should, and I will lead it.”

Hear what Lee has to say as Rovers travel to The One Call Stadium for their first- ever away Football League game on Saturday.