A spitting allegation made against goalkeeper Brad Collins on Tuesday night is being investigated by Forest Green.

Tempers erupted at the end of Forest Green's 1-0 defeat to Lincoln City with Imps boss Danny Cowley accusing the Chelsea loanee of spitting.

"Their goalkeeper spat at Sean Raggett, so that's what is all started from. We are categorical on that," Cowley told BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

"I am not hiding from it. That's what he did and our players reacted as a consequence of that," Cowley added.

"We always want them to keep their discipline but sometimes when you are provoked like that, then naturally you can lose your cool.

"I think Sean lost his cool and a few of ours that saw it did as well and that created what it created, but it was instigated from their goalkeeper who spat at Sean Raggett."

Meanwhile, Raggett took to Twitter and said: "Embarrassing to have their goalkeeper spit at me during the game, makes the 1-0 win even sweeter." 

A spokesman for Rovers confirmed they were aware of the matter and are looking into the allegation.