THE Stroud and District Skittle League has vacancies for new teams for season 2012/2013, should anyone wish to enter a team please call 07770 654491 for details or email The annual dance and presentation will be held in the Carol Embrey Suite at Forest Green Rovers on Saturday; you don’t have to be a winner to attend, all teams are welcome. Silverstar from Cheltenham and the KC Disco will be providing the entertainment on the night.

The AGM will be held on Tuesday, July 10 at Stroud Rugby Club, 7.30pm.

ROLL OF HONOUR 2011-2012 WINNERS / RUNNERS- UP Section A : Synwell A / Chalford AFC.

Section B: Belly-Enders / Whiteshill AFC.

Section C: Oysters / Frocester CC.

Section D: Press Gang / Malaccas.

Section E: King’s Stanley Wanderers / Razors.

Section F: Leonard Stanley SC / Throwbacks.

Wooden Spoon: Tools.

Front Pin: Shipwreckers / Patch Rats A.

SNJ CUP: Pot Bellied Porkers / Synwell A.

Men’s Singles: Craig Barnfield (Frampton CC) / Steve Price (Pot Bellied Porkers).

Men’s Pairs: Paul Newman & Geoff Hudd (Hilliers) / Gary Spring & Wayne Quigley (Shaggys Crew).

Men’s Away Average: Nick Bingham (Chalford AFC) - 64.38 / 13 games.

Men’s Highest Score: Andy Clark (Synwell A) - 90.

Men’s Highest Spare: David Webster (Chalford AFC) - 18*.

Men’s Brian Fream Award: Nigel Winfield (Eastington) - 11.

TOP SCORES Ladies’ Section A: Gems / Fishers.

Ladies’ Section B : Castaways / Severn Belles.

Ladies’ Section C: Gadabouts / Frocester Shadows.

Ladies’ Wooden Spoon: Springers.

Ladies’ Front Pin: Runabouts / Newpins.

Margaret Jennings: Little Devils / Variations.

Memorial Trophy Ladies’ Singles: Mel Webster (Newpins) / Sue Vick (Misfits).

Ladies’ Pairs: Chris Silvey & Nicky Silvey (Runabouts) / Ann Marshall and Sylvia Camm (Little Devils).

Ladies’ Away Average: Margaret Ball (Alley Cats) - 72.44 / 9 games.

Ladies’ Highest Score: Amanda Winder (Springers) - 97.

Ladies’ Highest Spare: Sam Barnard (Edgehogs) - 18**.

Ladies’ Brian Fream Award: Amanda Winder (Springers) - 18.

TOP SCORES West Midland League: Mark Bridges - 53.50.

Mixed League: Family Affair / Shaggys Crew.

Mixed League Cup: Family Affair / Buccaneers.

18 Spares: Andy Clark (Synwell A), Brian Robbins (Exiles),Steve Wilson-Copp (Phoenix Knights), Fiona Saunders (Runabouts).

Nailsworth & District Skittles : Division One Winners: Matchplay Mavericks.

Runners up: Horsley United.

Wooden Spoon; The Vice Squad.

Division Two winners: Woodstocks.

Runners-up: Jammy Dodgers.

Wooden Spoon: Railway B.

Lindsay Aldridge Nomination Cup winners: Runaways.

Runners-up: Matchplay Mavericks.

Front Pin Knock Out Cup winners: Horsley United, Runners-up: Cubs.

Mark Smith Knock Out Cup winners: Matchplay Mavericks.

Runners -up: Costwold Rangers.

Stan Short Memorial Trophy winners: Avening Social Club.

Runners-up: Comrades Club.

Harry Shelton Shield winners: Horsley United.

Runners-up: The Vice Squad.

Fred Harris Cup winners: Horsley United.

Runners-up: Matchplay Mavericks.

Highest Away Average Men’s: Ian Blake, (Matchplay Mavericks) 57.33.

Ladies’: Mel Walker, (Grumbleweeds) 53.11.

Highest League Score Men’s: Colin Ludlow, (Cotswold Rangers) 75.

Ladies’: Julie Woodman, (Woodstocks) 71.

Highest League Spare Men’s: Bill Chambers, (Comrades) and Jason Toomer, (Jammy Dodgers) 18.

Ladies’: Mel Walker, (Grumbleweeds) and Claire Crosthwaite (Woodstocks)17.

Highest Front Pin Score Men’s: Colin Ludlow, (Cotswold Rangers) 73.

Ladies’: Vicki Lord, (Jammy Dodgers) 51.

Highest Front Pin Spare Men’s: Dave Short, Cotswold Club 16.

Ladies’: Gemma Bridle, Socialites 12.

End of Season Competitions Men’s Singles winner: Mitch Gardiner, Cotswold Rangers.

Runner-up: Stuart Packer, Avening Social Club.

Ladies’ Singles Winner: Helen Scott, Koppabergs).

Runner-up: Marg Coates, Cotswold Club.

Men’s Pairs winners: Rynton Sandell & Clive Wright, Runaways.

Runners-up: Harley Davis & Mark Bridges, Matchplay Mavericks.

Ladies’ Pairs winners: Sheila Curtis & Chris Read, Matchplay Mavericks.

Runners- up: Vanessa Wilkins & Mel Scotford, Socialites.

Over 60s Competition: Men’s winner: Bill Chambers, Comrades Club.

Runner-up: Bunny Coles, Runaways.

Ladies’ winner: Shirley Bishop, Socialites.

Runner-up: Jean Scotford, Socialites.

Captain’s Cup winner: Harley Davis, Matchplay Mavericks.

Runner-up: Geoff Ashby, The Vice Squad.

Stickers Cup winner: Gareth Hall, Koppabergs.

Runner-up: Aiden Biddle, Cotswold Rangers.

Mixed Pairs winners: Ian Blake and Chris Read, Matchplay Mavericks.

Runners-up: Mike McLoughlin & Mel Soctford, Socialites.