LOSING at Wrexham by the odd-goal is not my main concern. Few teams will win there. I have other worries.

Firstly injuries. Yan Klukowski could not play and Al Bangura was an early casualty. Yan is a key player, his energy, attitude and above all his goals make him a vital member of the side. Al all too often fails to complete 90 minutes, we need his influence and incisive passing in midfield.

He managed 13 games last year, will he beat that number this season? More worrying was the lack of discipline shown by two leading players.

Red cards resulted. I am a great admirer of Reece Styche and Eddie Oshodi and know both have much to offer Rovers. They are both young men and obviously have lessons to learn. The first must be that the decision from the ref has to be accepted. If any protest is made it must not be over the top, keep calm gentlemen. Show you can handle the pressure. You are no good to FGR or yourselves watching from the stands as now you will be.

Manager David Hockaday praised the play in the last 15 minutes saying Rovers showed then they had the ability to win the game. This is more evidence of the Hockaday way. Talking things up publicity when things go wrong, but I suspect some firm private words were said. He is not one to rant and rave and quite properly keeps certain matters ‘in house’. I must ask the question "Is he thinking about the captaincy?"

We cannot afford to lose important fixtures like Wrexham was a point put to me at the weekend. This thinking is wrong. Each victory brings three points, so why is one different to the other? Chris Todd was right, this part of the season is about collecting points and doing it so well a spring time push will bring its reward.

A poor autumn last season meant we were always chasing the play-off pack. However, well we played after Christmas there was always too much to do.

If anyone wishes to think about important fixtures, look back to the Wembley play-off final won by York. This meant that Luton are still with us.

York this season would not present the same threat that Luton do.

We saw, at the New Lawn last year an abject Luton side booed by their own fans who cheered Rovers. They were managed by Brabin and were an underperforming team. He was sacked and along came new manager Buckle. He revived the team, took them to Wembley but last season could do no more. Now with him at the helm Luton present us with our greatest challenge.

Good luck to Phil Marsh and Chris Todd on loan at Hereford.

The Bulls are up against it on and off the field. Many of us like and admire Jamie Pitman, but under him the Hereford squad became weaker and weaker. Relegation was inevitable and without any meaningful money I fear for them.

How different it is for us. I make no apology for referring again to those marvellous moments at the end of the Lincoln game. Wise words from one who really cares about the club reminded us we were not just standing there for the moment glorious though it was. Each football club has a history, a present and a future and that spontaneous, joyous time was one to salute all three. All of us will have a list from the past – Mursell, Gregan, Horsley, Boulton etc.

Mine includes my Dad who watched in the 1930’s. All of us relished the fine Lincoln performance and surely all of us were united in joining with Dale V (yes he was clapping and standing as well) and Dave H. They have shown we could have a fine future. One away defeat at Wrexham does not alter that.