YEAR 6 pupils at King's Stanley Primary School were treated to an evening of glitz and glamour recently as they boogied the night away at a Hollywood-themed disco.
The red carpet was rolled out for the students on Friday, July 13, ahead of their final week at the school.
On Thursday, July 19, pupils at Kings Stanley broke up for the summer holidays, with many of the Year 6 pupils now moving on to different secondary schools.
The school disco was an opportunity for all of the children to get together for one last time before going their separate ways.
Pupils enjoyed their very own Hollywood walk of fame with gold stars bearing their names and a corner of the hall was set aside for a VIP area.
There was also a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows, champagne glasses filled with lemonade and American style popcorn plus a barbecue.
Gold balloons decorated the hall and the 24 children in attendance were able to pose for photos with Hollywood star Michelle Pfeiffer or at least a cardboard cut out of her.
In true Hollywood fashion, two Year 6 teachers also dressed up as Laurel and Hardy for the event.
Nicola Clifford, whose son Ashton, 11, is in Year 6 at the school, organised the disco with husband Matt.
"They all seemed to have a really good time," she said.
"The girls dressed up in their posh frocks and high heels and looked really glamorous and the boys looked very smart as well.
"There were not any tears as they still had a week left at school but I should think there will be one or two when they say their goodbyes."