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Gloucestershire, Multiple Traffic Notices, Temporary Closure

Notice ID: MFN0668387

Notice effective from
28th July 2022 to 27th August 2022

Gloucestershire County Council

Temporary Closure Of Various Roads For Q2 And Q3 Carriageway Resurfacing (Various Parishes And Towns) Cotswold District

Gloucestershire County Council has made an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) to temporarily close part of the roads as detailed in the Schedule below.


(Nights are defined as 19:00 to 07:00)

B4450 -Main Street  B4450 Old Buford Road  B4450The Green  Bleddington  312m  Restricted Days
B4450 -The Green  B4450 Main Street  B4450 Stow Road  Bleddington  125m  Restricted Days
B4450 -Stow Road  B4450 The Green  Icomb Road  Bleddington  860m  Restricted Days
C139 -Station Road  B4450 Station Road  County Boundary  Bleddington  100m  Restricted Days
400660 - Chapel Lane  B4450 The Green  Entire Length of Road  Bleddington  270m  Restricted Days
400659 -Church Lane  B4450 Main Street  Old Forge Close  Bleddington  55m  Restricted Days
C371 - Cirencester Road  London Road  Chipping Street  Tetbury  1.61km  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
C371 Chipping Street  Cirencester Road  Long Street  Tetbury  73m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
B4632 Lower Farm to Willersey  Lower Farm Saintbury to Campden Lane  Main Street  Saintbury  1.37km  Restricted Days &/or Nights
B4632 -Main Street  B4632 Lower Farm to Willsersey  Ley Orchard  Willersey  145m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
C114 -Collin Lane  B4632 Lower Farm to Willsersey  Hays Close  Willersey  178m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
C114 -Badsey Lane  B4632 Lower Farm to Willsersey  4/7028 Timms Green  Willersey  147m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
C275 - Crudwell Lane  3/272 Little Larkhill to Long Newton Tetbury  County Boundary  Long Newton  1.86km  Unrestricted Days
C131 - County Boundary to Adlestrop Park Lodge Daylesford MW  A436 County Boundary to Adlestrop Junction  Entrance to Daylesford Organic Farm Shop  Adlestrop  890m  Unrestricted Days
C325 London Road  A429 London Road Roundabout  Dyer Street  Cirencester  222m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
C325 Dyer Street  London Road  North Way  Cirencester  250m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
C325 Lewis Lane  Dyer Street  Carpenters Lane  Cirencester  60m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
C325 Victoria Road  London Road  Purley Avenue  Cirencester  139m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
407195 Purley Road  London Road  Purley Avenue  Cirencester  166m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
407164 The Waterloo  London Road  Car Park Entrance  Cirencester  70m  Restricted Days &/or Nights
C325 Midland Road  A429 Bristol Road Roundabout  Love Lane  Cirencester  225m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
C325 Love Lane  Midland Road  Chesterton Lane  Cirencester  184m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
C325  Chesterton Lane  Love Lane  Meadow Close  Cirencester  165m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
C180 - Bridge Road  Midland Road  Cirencester Retail Park  Cirencester  45m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
C181 Love Lane  Love Lane  Cirencester Business Park  Cirencester  50m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
407159 Bowling Green Road  The Whiteway  Bowling Green Lane  Cirencester  472m  Unrestricted Days
407161 Bowling Green Avenue  Bowling Green Road  Entire Length of Road  Cirencester  245m  Unrestricted Days
407160 Bowling Green Crescent  4/7159 Bowling Green Road  Entire Length of Road  Cirencester  225m  Unrestricted Days
C184 South Cerney Road Siddington  3/178 road from Swindon Road to South Cerney Road  3/180  Siddingtoon Road  Siddington  520m  Unrestricted Days
400929 -Village Street  3/146 Saltway Farm to Village Street  3/152 road from Ablington Road to Potlicker Lane  Bibury  280m  Unrestricted Days
C152 - 3/152 Road from Ablington Road to Potlicker Lane, Ablington  3/146 Ablington Road  3/152 Hay Lane to  Potlickers Lane  Bibury  425m  Restricted Days
C152 - 3/152 Hay Lane to Potlickers Lane, Ablington  3/152 road from Ablington Road to Potlicker Lane  3/152 road from Ablington Pike to Rosebank Ablington  Bibury  194m  Restricted Days

Road Name Closure Extent Closure Extent from  Closure Extent to  Metres  Restriction 

C141 - 3/141 The Follies Little Rissington to Great Rissington  3/138 Little Rissington to Great Barrington  Leasow Lane  Great Rissington  989m  Restricted Days
C141 -Leasow Lane  3/141 The Follies Little Rissington to Great Rissington  Clapton-on-the-Hill to Leasow Lane  Great Rissington  1.01km  Restricted Days
C141 - Leasow Lane  3/140 Bourton-on-the-Water through Little Rissington  4/678 The Barn Cottage to Lower Farm House  Little Rissington/ Great Rissington  2.96km  Unrestricted Days
A429 -Moreton Road  3/133 Broadwell to Stow Road  A429 Fosseway  Stow-on-the-Wold  423m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
A429 -Fosseway  Moreton Road  B4068 Lower Swell Road  Stow-on-the-Wold  335m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
A424 - Evesham Road  Moreton Road  3/132 Woodbine Cottage to Evesham Road  Stow-on-the-Wold  1.63km  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
B4077 - Tewkesbury Road  Evesham Road  400583 Lower Swell to Upper Swell  Swell  1.78km  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
C137 - Road from The Old  Parsonage to Pike House, Lower Slaughter  Stow Road  Kings Well Lane  Lower  Slaughter  962m  Unrestricted Days
400635 -Copse Hill Road  Road from The Old Parsonage to Pike House  Mill Lane  Lower Slaughter  210m  Unrestricted Days
B4077 - Stow Road Stumps Cross to Ford Manor  Road Adjacent to Stanway Ash Wood Custdean  3/105 Cutsdean Road  Temple Guiting  942m  Nights (19:00 to 07:00)
C140 -Bourton Road  Road from Bourton Road to Mitchel Road  3/140 Bourton-on-the-Water through Little Rissington  Little Rissington  1km  Unrestricted Days
C140 - 3/140 Bourton-on-the-Water through Little Rissington  Bourton Road  Pound Lane  Little Rissington  200m
Unrestricted Days
3/138 Stow Road Maugersbury to Little Rissington  Bourton Road  3/137 Wyck Rissington to Wyck Road  Upper Rissington  630m
Unrestricted Days C116 - Lower High Street  High Street Park Road  Chipping Campden  142m  Restricted Days
C116 -Park Road Lower High Street  Blind Lane Chipping Campden  248m  Restricted Days
400783 - West End Terrace  Lower High Street  Back Ends  Chipping Campden  128m  Restricted Days
C626 - Bowldown Road  A46 Calcot Crossroads to Lodge Farm Junction  Bath Road  Westonbirt with Lasborough  4.78km  Unrestricted Days
C120 May Lane  3/123 Main Road through Ebrington  Pudlicott Lane  Ebrington  1.07km  Unrestricted Days
C118 - Granbrook Lane  High Street  County Boundary  Mickleton  990m  Unrestricted Days
B4035 - Road from Junction with Stratford Road to Track  Stratford Road  Aston Road  Aston Subedge/ Weston Subedge  1.32km  Unrestricted Days
B4035 - Aston Road  Road from Junction with Stratford Road to Track  Grevel Lane  Aston Subedge/ Weston Subedge  1.15km  Unrestricted Days
B4081 -Campden Road  Aston Road  Furze Lane  Aston Subedge/ Weston Subedge  340m  Unrestricted Days
C104 - Kingcombe Lane  Aston Road  Kingcombe Farm  Aston Subedge/ Weston Subedge  200m  Unrestricted Days
C190 - 3/190 Main Street through Cherington 3/190 Lowesmoor Road to Main Street  3/190 Cherington to Westrip Farm Lane Cherington  Cherrington  310m  Unrestricted Days
C190 - 3/190 Cherington to Westrip Farm Lane Cherington  3/190 Main Street through Cherington  Westrip Farm Lane  Cherrington  637m  Unrestricted Days
401508 - Yew Tree Inn Lane  3/190 Main Street through Cherington  From Yew Tree Inn Cherington to Nags Head
Cherrington  95m  Unrestricted Days
B4450 -Station Road  B4450 Old Buford Road  County Boundary  Bledington  385m  Restricted Days
B4450 - Old Buford Road  B4450 Station Road  B4450 Main Street  Bleddington  452m  Restricted Days

The reason for the closure is for carrying out carriageway resurfacing works. There will be no waiting permitted throughout the duration of the works.
The roads are expected to be closed on a rolling programme commencing 2nd August 2022 where the presence of approved signage will indicate whether the closures are in force. Further advance warnings of dates/times will be displayed on site prior to the closures taking effect. This order can permit the closure of the roads in any order, or simultaneously as required and it is anticipated all works will be completed by 31st December 2022. For further information, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514 or visit

Alternative Route - As signed on site. Pedestrian access to premises on or next to the road and emergency access will be maintained.
DATED: 28th July 2022.

For Assistant Director of Legal Services. EB/75616, Legal Services, Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2TG


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Gloucestershire County Council

Shire Hall , Westgate Street , Gloucester , Gloucestershire , GL1 2TG 01452 425 000


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