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Bournemouth Borough Council

Notice ID: MF0232412

Notice effective from
18th August 2017 to 17th September 2017

The Borough of Bournemouth (Parking Regulation & On-Street Parking Places) Consolidation Order 2015 (Variation No.9) Order 2017 The Borough of Bournemouth (Traffic Movement Regulations) Consolidation Order 2017 (Variation No.1) Order 2017

PROPOSALS Bournemouth Borough Council proposes to make traffic regulations to control parking, waiting and movement with the effects detailed in the Schedule to this notice.
SUPPORTING INFORMATION From 18th Aug 2017 a copy of this Notice, copies of the Draft Order, the Statutory Reasons for the proposals and copies of the Orders being amended, may be examined at: The Customer Service Centre, Town Hall Extension, Bournemouth on Mondays to Thursdays between 9am and 4.30pm, and on Fridays between 9am and 4pm. Details are also available at:  
REPRESENTATIONS If you wish to make representations in support of, or in objection to, the proposed traffic regulations you must send them in writing, specifying the grounds of any objection to: The Traffic Management Team, Town Hall Annexe, St Stephen’s Road, Bournemouth, BH2 6EA or e-mail to arrive by 8th Sept 2017.

Please take note that all representations received will be available for public inspection. L. Austin, Director, Environment Legend: AAT – At Any Time, DPP – Disabled Parking Place, NWAAT – No Waiting At Any Time, RPZ – Restricted Parking Zone, SPP – Street Parking Place No. Road Name(s) Restriction Location

1. Alma Rd Revoke Waiting Limited to 30 minutes 10am-7pm return prohibited within 30 minutes Outside No.144.
2. Belle Vue Road Extend existing bus stop by 8m. Revoke 8m of existing Limited Waiting bay. Adjacent to Southbourne Cross roads (St Catherine’s Road) south side.
3. Boscombe Bus Station NWAAT and No loading AAT Throughout the whole of the bus station.
4. Bourne Ave Christchurch Rd Service Rd Glen Fern Road Poole Rd Wimborne Rd One Car Club Bay (6m long) at each location Outside the Town Hall. Outside Heron House, Christchurch Rd. Outside Mercury House. Outside Barnardo’s Shop. Outside Boots.
5. Brassey Close NWAAT Brassey Close at junction Brassey Road (extension of existing restriction).
6. Bryanstone Rd Revoke Street Parking Place with Waiting Limited to 1 hour 8am-6pm No Return 1 hour Outside No.1.
7. Cardigan Road DPP Outside No.31.
8. Castle Parade NWAAT At dropped kerb outside No.10.
9. Castle Parade Waiting limited to 3 hours 8am-6pm return prohibited within 3 hours Outside No.3.
10. Cecil Road/ Horace Road NWAAT From a point 5m east of the extended boundary of Nos. 21 & 23 around the nose of the pavement (across the pedestrian dropped kerb) to a point 5m east of the extended boundary of Nos. 13 & 15 Horace Road.
11. Charminster Road NWAAT. Revoke current Limited Waiting. Outside property Nos.397-399 & No.395. (Fiveways Pets).
12. Charminster Road Limited waiting 9am–6pm, 1 hour no return in 1 hour. Outside Nos.389
13. Christchurch Rd/ Palmerston Rd/ The Crescent/ Salisbury Rd/ Carnarvon Rd Change zonal restriction to lining restriction (NWAAT and No Loading AAT). Extent of existing zone
14. Christchurch Road No stopping AAT except buses. Opposite No.499 Christchurch Road (Boscombe Police Hub).
15. Christchurch Road NWAAT/Loading Bay Outside new Premier Inn and Student housing (service road near St Swithun’s Roundabout).
16. Christchurch Road (Boscombe shared space) Waiting prohibited except taxis midnight-6am and 10pm-midnight Opposite Nos.522-528 Christchurch Rd (Floggit & Leggit and Merryweathers) (inside restricted parking zone).
17. Coach House Place Bus Stand Under the flyover at Coach House Place
18. College Road School Keep Clear Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. No Waiting and No Loading Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Outside the two vehicle exits and the pedestrian exit of the Bournemouth Collegiate School.
19. Commercial Rd NWAAT and No Loading 10am - 4pm Pedestrian Precinct from its junction with Avenue Rd Extended boundary of Nos.30/34 to the extended boundary of Nos.96/100 (The Triangle).
20. Cornish Gardens/ Ensbury Ave NWAAT At junction with Ensbury Ave to protect the pedestrian crossing points and the visibility at the junction.
21. Coronation Ave/ Mayfield Rd NWAAT At junction adjacent to Nos. 36 and 38.
22. Cranmer Road Latimer Road Wycliffe Road No Waiting Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Revoke existing No Waiting Mon-Sat 8am-7pm Cranmer Road western side and eastern side at junction with Wycliffe Rd. Latimer Road Southern side from the Salvation Army loading bay to just past Cranmer Rd. Wycliffe Road Northern and Southern from Wimborne Rd to just past Cranmer Rd.
23. Danesbury Ave NWAAT Outside No.35.
24. Dean Park Road Payment Parking Place – Tariff 2 (Mon-Sun 9am-5pm all day) Southern side from the Wessex Way subway dropped kerb – 15m existing NWAAT, then 55m P&D bay (opposite No. 36), then 20m existing NWAAT (opposite access to No. 38), then 30m P&D bay (opposite No. 40), then 20m existing NWAAT (opposite access to No.42), then 20m P&D bay (opposite No.42).
25. Draycott Road Conversion of existing DPP
26. Durdells Avenue New Permit Disabled Bay Front of property No. 58 Durdells Avenue.
27. Exeter Road Bus stop clearway Outside Halo Nightclub.
28. Feversham Road NWAAT Junction of Queenswood Ave northern side.
29. Glen Road DPP Outside No.10.
30. Gloucester Road Revoke SPP with waiting limited to 1 hour Mon-Sat 8am-6pm no return 1 hour Layby adjacent to the former Police Station.
31. Gresham Road DPP Outside No.2.
32. Hahnemann Road NWAAT Eastern end, southern side at junction with St Michael’s Rd.
33. Hambledon Gardens New Permit Disabled Bay Outside No.18.
34. Hannington Road No Waiting Mon-Sat 8am-6pm. Revoke existing No Waiting 8am-6pm. Adjacent to the church at Christchurch Road.
35. Hannington Road DPP Outside No.16.
36. Hawkwood Rd Car Park No.2 NWAAT and No Loading AAT From the junction with Hawkwood Rd (Car park entrance/exit) to the sharp 90° bend (rear of No.633 Christchurch Rd).
37. Headswell Crescent DPP Outside No.7.
38. Ivamy Place New Permit Disabled Bay In existing end bay adjacent to No. 2.
39. Jewell Road Revoke three permit disabled bays Adjacent to the War Memorial Homes.
40. Jewell Road NWAAT Northern side between Watton Close and Tyrell Gardens
41. Kimberley Road/ Stourvale Road NWAAT Junction Kimberley and Stourvale.
42. Kingsbere Ave/ Priestley Road NWAAT Junction of Kingsbere Ave/Priestley Road. Extend the existing NWAAT in Kingsbere Ave into Priestley Rd for a distance of 5m.
43. Knole Gardens NWAAT Around ‘island’.
44. Luther Road No Waiting Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. At its junction with Cranmer Road.
45. Malvern Road Revoke NWAAT (correcting order). From boundary 204/206 eastwards to 10m from Charminster Ave (no lines present).
46. Malvern Road New School Keep Clear Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. School Keep Clear (Zig Zag) between NWAAT and Bus Stop near Beatty Rd and Charminster Ave.
47. Maxwell Road DPP Outside No.59.
48. Meon Road SYL Mon-Fri 11am-12pm & 2pm-3pm Both sides between Holdenhurst Avenue and Warnford Road.
49. Michelgrove Road Street Parking Place for Cars and Motor Cycles. Revoke SYL 10am-7pm adjacent to the side of No.2 Boscombe Cliff Road from the end of the existing bay to disused access.
50. Michelgrove Road NWAAT. Revoke SYL 10am-7pm adjacent to the side of No.2 Boscombe Cliff Road covering a disused access.
51. Michelgrove Road NWAAT Junction of Boscombe Cliff Road.
52. Nelson Road/ Prince of Wales Road Revoke No right turn ban (not currently signed) At the junction of Nelson Road/ Prince of Wales Road.
53. North Road No Waiting 10am-7pm Southern side from Ashley Rd to Portman Rd.
54. Old Christchurch Road Revoke Taxi Bay (Waiting prohibited AAT except for Hackney Carriages midnight- 5.30am and 11.30pm-midnight) In bus stop opposite Wootton Gardens.
55. Poole Road Extend existing bus stop by 6m. Revoke 6m of DPP. Extend bus stop into existing disabled bay adjacent to 104a.
56. Portman Road NWAAT Currently NWAAT on the highway but the Order shows Waiting Prohibited 10am-10pm.
57. Portman Road No Waiting 10am-7pm Western side between Gladstone Rd and North Rd.
58. R L Stephenson Avenue NWAAT. Revoke existing motorcycle only bay. At No.10-12 (across both driveways).
59. Ringwood Road (940-944) NWAAT Adjacent to the front of the garage to prevent pavement parking and around the island area including the bus stop.
60. Ripon Road Remove DPP Adjacent to No. 148 (6m west of the existing DPP for 6.6m west leaving 6m between them).
61. Southbourne Grove Waiting Limited to 1 hour 9am-6pm no return within 1 hour Adjacent to No.32a (existing 2 space taxi bay reduced to 1 space and replaced with limited waiting).
62. Southbourne Road NWAAT At its junction with Parkwood Road outside No.49 Southbourne Road. 63. St Albans Road DPP Outside No.4.
64. St Clement’s Gardens School Keep Clear Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. NWAAT and No Loading AAT Near its junction with St Clement’s Rd. Change existing order to reflect the marked restrictions.
65. St Clements Road NWAAT At its junction with St Clement’s Garden.
66. St Peters Road NWAAT Across the old junction into Berry Court Car Park.
67. Stokewood Road NWAAT Adjacent to the leisure centre access.
68. Terrace Road NWAAT. Outside Eden bar. Existing No Stopping AAT except taxis midnight-3am.
69. The Avenue NWAAT Junction of Tennyson Road and Maclaren Road
70. Washington Avenue DPP Outside No.10.
71. West Hill Road NWAAT and No Loading AAT Junction of Durley Rd. Outside No.41 (north-west of the junction where the DYLs start) to the parking bay south-east of the car park entrance and be matched on the other side of the road.
72. West Overcliff Drive NWAAT Across the vehicle entrance of Eversleigh Flats (48 West Cliff Road) next to the vehicle entrance of Faversham Flats.
73. West Overcliff Drive 13T weight limited. Revoke existing 15T weight limit. At bridge over Middle Chine (Mckinley Road).
74. Wharfdale Road Service Road NWAAT entire northern side, around the western end and the southern side for 30m from its western end.
75. Wilson Road DPP Front of property No. 66 Wilson Road.
76. Woodfield Road DPP Outside No.37.


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Bournemouth Borough Council

Town Hall , Bourne Avenue , Bournemouth , Dorset , BH2 6DY 01202 451 451


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