The following planning applications were registered with Stroud District Council between 18.3.19 and 24.3.19.

Uley: Land at 9 The Knoll, South Street, variation of condition 6 of permission S.15/0032/FUL (approved plans) - to increase the height of the house, alter roof tiles, window style and position.

The following planning applications were registered with South Gloucestershire Council between 18.3.19 and 24.3.19.

Acton Turville: Park Cottages, Badminton Road, works to fell 1 no. Sycamore tree situated within Acton Turville Conservation Area.

Almondsbury: Wyndicliffe, 7 The Quarries, works to 2no Ash trees to remove epicormic growth from trunks to a height of 15-20 meters and remove dead wood 50mm diameter and larger, ongoing management, covered by Tree Preservation Order 36 dated 27 July 1970; 35 Over Lane, erection of single storey and two storey side extensions to form additional living accommodation, demolition of existing garage and erection of a replacement detached single garage, alterations to front elevation to form roof terrace with glass balustrade.

Alveston: 17 The Square, removal of section of boundary wall to Wolfridge Lane and creation of hard surface for 2no. car parking spaces.

Charfield: Land north of Wotton Road, discharge of condition 19 (energy statement) attached to appeal decision APP/P0119/W/17/3179643 with regards to planning permission PT16/6924/O, erection of up to 121no. dwellings, retail unit (Class A1), open space, ecological mitigation land and associated works with access from Wotton Road, outline application with access to be considered (all other matters reserved).

Chipping Sodbury: 2 Mead Road, variation of condition 3 attached to PK17/4172/RVC to replace the approved drawing number 2MR.DEC16.P.1.C with 2518-2 to alter the off-street parking facilities; 36 Kestrel Close, erection of a single storey front extension to form additional living accommodation; 40 Brook Street, discharge of condition 2a, b, c, d, (material details) condition 3 (sample of stonework) and condition 4 (sample of render) attached to planning permission PK12/1141/F erection of first floor side extension to provide additional living accommodation.

Dodington: Lydes Vale House, Dodington Lane, non-material amendment to PK18/5283/F to change the external materials from timber cladding to stone walling and install 1 No. window to the first floor side elevation; discharge of conditions 2 (materials) and 3 (landscaping) attached to planning permission PK18/5283/F, conversion of existing agricultural building to form 1 no. dwelling and associated works.

Falfield: Heneage Farm, Moorslade Lane, modification of S106 Agreement attached PT17/4800/O.

Frenchay: Orchard View, Quarry Road, works to trees as per the attached schedule of works received by the council on the 18th March 2019, all trees situated in the Frenchay Conservation Area.

Hallen: Welling Cottage Farm, Moorhouse Lane, alterations to former milking parlour to facilitate conversion to 1 No. dwelling (use class C3), resubmission of PT18/3956/F.

Hawkesbury Upton: Back Street, discharge of conditions 2 (window detail) and 6 (landscaping) attached to planning permission PK17/5021/F, erection of 2 no. semi-detached dwellings with access and associated works.

Marshfield: 108 High Street, works to crown reduce 1 no. Acer Negundo tree by 1.2m and remove one stem from 1 no. laurel tree with crown reduction of remaining branches by 2m (to previous points), trees situated in the Marshfield conservation area.

Oldbury on Severn: Myrtle Farm, Oldbury Naite, removal of condition 4 attached to permission P87/1895 to allow the annexe to be used as 1 No. separate residential dwelling; Stoneford Camp Road, erection of a single storey rear extension, raising of roof line to facilitate loft conversion.

Oldland Common: 32 Lees Lane, North Common, erection of single storey rear extension to provide additional living accommodation; 48 Glenwood Drive, works to 1 no. Oak tree to remove epicormic growth on the main stem and lower scaffold branches, tree covered by Preservation Order 02/19 made on 12/02/2019.

Old Sodbury: Colts Green End, Badminton Road, erection of 1no. detached dwelling and detached garage with home office over, to include access, parking and associated works.

Pucklechurch: Brimstones, 22 Westerleigh Road, works to reduce eastern lateral limb to 1 no. walnut tree by 1.5m and removal of south west lateral limb to 1 no. walnut tree with removal of deadwood, covered by TPO 25A, dated 30/11/1970 and in the Pucklechurch Conservation Area.

Rangeworthy: The Brambles, Wotton Road, erection of single storey detached annexe ancillary to the main dwelling.

Rockhampton: The Coach House, Rectory Road, erection of single storey link extensions to existing outbuildings, conversion of garage and part outbuildings with associated works to provide additional living accommodation.

Severn Beach: Junction One Central Park, Goldcrest Way, subdivision of storage and distribution warehouse (Class B8) to form Data Centre (Class B8).

Thornbury: Land at Morton Way, discharge of condition 2 (landscaping) attached to planning permission PT18/4678/F erection of a convenience store (Class A1); 82 Swallow Park, erection of single storey side and rear extension to provide additional living accommodation (amendment to previously approved scheme PT18/5735/F); 9 St Mary Street, change of use from retail (Class A1) outpatient clinic (Class D1) as defined in the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended); 1 Castle Street, erection of a single storey rear extension to form additional living accommodation.

Tormarton: Stepping Stone, Mill Shire Hill, erection of a single storey extension to the north elevation to form garden room.

Wick: 21 Milford Avenue, erection of a detached garage.

Winterbourne: Cloister Stables, Cloisters Road, demolition of existing stables and outbuilding, erection of 1 No. dwelling and associated works.

Wotton under Edge: Land south of Charfield, mixed use development of up to 900 residential units (Use Class C3, including affordable homes and housing suitable for the elderly) with provision of a reserve site for a new 2FE primary school with playing fields (Use Class D1) OR up to 950 residential units (Use Class C3, including affordable homes and housing suitable for the elderly), up to 1ha of land for a neighbourhood centre, comprising 0.7ha with provision for 1,800 sq.m of commercial floorspace (up to 500 sq.m A1, 500 sq.m A1/A2/A3/B1 and 800 sq.m D1 community uses with C3 residential on upper floors forming part of the 900/950 total residential units, and up to 0.3 ha additional employment provision), provision of green infrastructure including, open space, parks, natural and semi natural green space, amenity green spaces, allotments, community orchard and facilities for children and young people, preparatory works, provision of associated infrastructure including footpaths/cycleways and vehicular accesses, and associated engineering and landscaping works including SUDs, outline application including access with all other matters reserved.

Yate: 63 Melrose Avenue, works to reduce to previous points, leaving approximately 14m in height and 5-6m in spread 1 no. to walnut tree covered by TPO 301 dated 02/11/1977; 37 Sutherland Avenue, demolition of existing side extension and rear conservatory, erection of a single storey side extension and rear conservatory to form additional living accommodation; Land north of Iron Acton Way and east of Dyer's Lane, erection of 126 dwellings, public open space, drainage, landscaping and ancillary works, (full planning).