STROUD composer Crimea Butler-Downton has written a ‘comfortably dissonant’ piece of music reflecting the tensions surrounding Article 50 and the EU referendum.

The work will be performed by musicians from the Royal Welsh College of Music in a seasonal concert at Randwick Parish Church on Sunday at 4pm.

Crimea began writing the piece by imagining what it would sound like if all the paperwork for Article 50 were dropped from a great height and came fluttering down. He also thought about what the anxiety of all the various factions of people involved in Brexit would sound like.

Crimea will also narrate a work called the Peasant’s Creed, which he originally wrote about his own struggles to have his voice heard.

“My family were gypsies and they weren’t treated well,” he said.

“My mother had to give me up. I grew up in care and knew nothing of my real identity until I was 30. I’m blind and I have Tourette’s syndrome. Life hasn’t been easy.”

Crimea now feels that the Peasant’s Creed is relevant to the current crisis in Aleppo.

Tickets at £7, available from Brian Stanley on 01453 750207.