CANADIAN artist, Greg Thatcher travels to Painswick every summer to paint its famous yew trees.
Mr Thatcher, who lives in Iowa, has been painting the trees at St Mary’s Church for nearly a quarter of a century and annually works on location from June to August.
The yew trees were planted in the Middle Ages and Mr Thatcher says they form the most beautiful yew tree avenues in the world.
This weekend, Mr Thatcher will share the inspiration he takes from the yews at open air classes in drawing with pencil, pen and ink.
As part of Artburst, enthusiasts from age 13 upwards, and of all abilities are welcome to join him either on Saturday or Sunday, or both, at the Pavilion on Painswick’s recreation field.
The day will begin with an introduction at 10am, then move outdoors for most of the day, concluding back at the Pavilion for a revue at 4pm.
With numbers limited to only eight, there will be plenty of one-to-one tuition available.
Mr Thatcher, who teaches art in a small school in Iowa, began drawing the yews after seeing them in a travel brochure back in 1991.
Initially, he worked from photographs, but after visiting the churchyard he was inspired by the different shapes and intricate details.
“The trees, in their various settings and light conditions during the day, take on or create a full range of human emotion,” he said.
“Having experienced this, my challenge is to re-create it in the drawings and to forge a link between my experiences and those of the viewer.
“Thus, the yew tree drawings have become a visual metaphor for my inner experience.”
The classes cost £25 for one day, or £45 for two days. To reserve a place: email