IF you want to recapture your lost youth, forget the pills and potions – watching the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers put on a show will leave you simply buzzing.

The UK’s longest-established taiko ensemble, Mugenkyo is based in Glasgow from where word is spreading about their passion and prowess.

Thursday’s show saw them playing a variety of Japanese drums and flutes, and weaving tradition, information and story-telling into the 16 pieces with which they showcased their prodigious skills.

Along with flawless musicianship, the five performers displayed incredible physicality to keep up the thunderous drumming.

That combined with choreography and costumes to produce an evening I’ll remember for a long time.

The idea of two hours of intense drumming might not appeal to everyone, but we were treated to demon drummers, battling fishermen and nesting cranes, among others, with the virtuoso showmanship captivating everyone present.

My one criticism was that the ensemble tried a little too hard with the humour and audience participation, when I was happy just to sit and marvel at the talent on show.

That apart, this was a fabulous evening, with the audience lapping up the music and demanding an encore.

Fans of percussion must have been in seventh heaven, but I doubt anyone went home without a spring in their step after an evening of sheer exhilaration.