AN EXHIBITION of oil paintings exploring Cotswold locations is on show at the Corinium Museum in Cirencester until this Saturday.

Artist Nick Pike has been looking at the changing seasons and this artwork is inspired by countryside surrounding his Painswick studio.

The display also presents the story of his background in Cirencester, Guiting Power and Cheltenham, with a room devoted to his family and loved ones.

Time-lapse videos of Nick's art process and recordings of natural mindfulness walks that he conducted will be shown at the exhibition, along with displays of seasonal objects and artefacts, used as inspiration for the sketches and paintings.

Limited edition prints and greeting cards are available.

Nick recreates everyday life into striking scenes with vibrant colours and stirring movement, applying paint with sponges and palette knives to achieve rich textures. Walking through nature he looks for stories to embellish.

Using weather, light and reflection to add narrative to a moment in time, Nick also adds elements of mindfulness into his artwork.

He was born in Cirencester and studied Art & Illustration at Northbrook College in Worthing, before returning to the Cotswolds.

Exhibiting across the country, Nick also runs unique art workshops that connect painting and music.

Following Nick's love of nature, he guides art inspired Natural Mindfulness walks in and around Gloucestershire.

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For more information please contact Nick Pike at 07798 897634 or email at