PERFORMERS from Cirencester are celebrating the release of their latest EP with a towering tribute to the town's historic Roman past.

Renowned local musicians, the Leon Daye Band, will play 'Centurian Town', a song from their latest EP The Gift, whilst on top of the tower of Cirencester Parish Church on Saturday, November 10 at around 10.30am.

Their performance of the number, written by Leon Daye himself, will be filmed as part of the launch of The Gift.

Leon, 45, taught himself how to play the guitar as an 18 year old and quickly gained an excellent reputation in the South West.

The band is a recent development, with four well-known local musicians both singing and playing.

The other performers are Ian Keates (bass player and vocalist), Jason Hughes ( keyboard), Mike Herbert (guitar), and Brendan Downes-Hall (drums).

Leon, a picture framer and joiner in his "day job" said: "Music is deeply special to us all and that we can reflect on the amazing past of Cirencester by by filmed from the church tower while promoting the EP is very special and would like to extend our grateful thanks to the church team for allowing this to take place".

Leon, partner of Karen, and with a family of four boys added: "To pay tribute in this way, with my new band, which has been created superb friends and musicians, is a real dream come true for all of us. The band has brought a new dimension to my music and they really are awesome".

The video will be available on the band's website and you tube.

The new EP can be obtained from, from , spotify and from The Vaults in Cirencester.