A BRAVE Face, a play about Post Traumatic Stress and created after two years of research with ex and serving soldiers, families and health professionals, is at The Everyman Theatre on Tuesday, March 26 at 7.30pm.

Put on by Vamos Theatre, the UK's leading full mask theatre company, A Brave Face explores Post Traumatic Stress, an unseen and often unrecognised injury of war, and the impact it can have on even the closest families.

Afghanistan: 2009. Under bright blue skies, a small girl stands and watches the soldier. She smiles, just like his sister. Ryan is there to see the world, learn a trade, get a life.

Training is complete, combat is a buzz; he's part of a team, and knows his job. But on one particular hot and desperate tour of duty, Ryan sees things he can't talk about, to anyone. And then, when he returns home, the trouble really begins. 

Vamos Theatre is the UK’s leading full mask theatre company, the company takes on challenging themes with poignancy, humour and humanity.

A Brave Face is suitable for audiences aged 12 years up and accessible to hearing and deaf audiences alike.

Visit everymantheatre.org.uk for tickets.