POPULAR children's entertainer Colin Dymond fought against a tired and restless crowd of more than 3,000 to win second place in a national competition.

The British Children's Entertainer National Championship was held at the Opera House in Blackpool and Colin wowed the audience with the help of Snot the dragon and Robbie the English sheep dog.

Colin, who lives in Stonehouse, was one of only six children's entertainers invited to perform.

"I was on last which meant that some of the audience had already left and the ones that remained were getting restless," said Colin, who has been a professional children's entertainer for nearly 20 years.

"It was left up to me and Snot to win the crowd over and we managed to give them a great show.

"Being on a big stage like that was amazing and the audience were great but you don't get the same call and response skits that enables you to really interact with the children."

Colin's magic and ventriloquism act won him second place in what the judges called a close race and his next public performance is at the Woolsack Races in Tetbury on Monday, May 27.