BADGER lovers have been targeting supermarket milk by posting 'Stop the Cull' stickers on cartons.

The stickers have been seen on plastic cartons at Tesco stores telling customers not to buy the product because it has come from badger cull zones.

Photographs taken at stores in Bristol and Huddersfield have been posted on Facebook by groups such as the Bristol Animal Rights Collective and Yorkshire Against The Badger Cull.

The news comes after the SNJ reported that police in Gloucestershire and Somerset are investigating a threat made by animal rights activists that milk at some of the county's supermarkets had been tampered with.

A spokesman from the British Retail Consortium said on behalf of the supermarket: "Retailers are always extremely vigilant for any signs that products have been tampered with. We have seen no evidence that customer safety is at risk.

"The decision to cull badgers was taken by the Government after extensive consultation.

"Retailers trust this process has struck the right balance between support for UK farmers and tightly regulated culling where it is proven to be necessary."