A DEAL struck between the British Government, French energy giant EDF and Chinese investors for a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset has been welcomed by Stroud MP Neil Carmichael.

The Conservative politician has hailed the agreement to build the UK’s first new-generation nuclear power station as ‘good news for jobs’ and said constituents in Stroud could expect to share in the benefits.

“We need to see a new build in nuclear energy. In our area there will be opportunities for people to contribute to this massive project so it is good news for jobs. I welcome the investment,” he said.

However, Stroud Green Party has criticised the deal, saying it relies on a gamble with taxpayers’ money.

With the UK Government offering to guarantee a level of return to Chinese investors based on estimates about the future market price for electricity, Green Party politicians say the whole project relies on British taxpayers shouldering the risk.

Cllr Molly Scott-Cato, who leads the Greens on Stroud District Council and is her party’s finance spokesperson on the national stage, said: “'The Conservative government’s deal on the Hinkley Point nuclear power station really is a case of heads they win; tails we lose.

“Potential profits will now be offshored to China while the nuclear pollution will stay in the UK.”