AN AWARD winning film about the lives of recovering addicts will be shown for the first time in Gloucestershire.

The Anonymous People, which is written and directed by filmmaker Greg Williams, explores how social stigma and discrimination surrounding drug and alcohol addiction have influenced the lives of recovering addicts.

"This is not your tired old addiction rehab story splashed across reality TV or tabloid magazines," said Mr Williams, 29, who has been a recovering addict since the age of 17.

"The film just tries to answer the question why we treat addiction and people with addiction in this country so dramatically differently than people with any other health issue?

Mr Williams hopes that this film will change peoples perceptions and encourage addicts to speak out.

“Just like women with breast cancer, or people with HIV/AIDS, courageous addiction recovery advocates are coming out of the shadows to share the truth and reality of recovery,” he said.

The film will be screened at 2.30pm on Saturday, January 18 at Stonehouse Community Centre in Laburnum Walk and has been organised by new community group, The Hub – For recovery in Gloucestershire.