PLANS are still in place to put the town’s award winning farmers’ market out to tender, according to Stroud Town Council.

At a meeting on Monday night deputy mayor John Marjoram announced that the Stroud District Council still plans on continuing with the tendering process and that the current occupier of the market has only been given a six month lease while a planned consultation takes place.

“Despite all the public opposition the council are still deliberately pushing through to continue with the tendering process,” said Cllr Marjoram, who represents the Trinity ward at SDC.

He also accused the process as being driven by accountants at SDC to save money.

During the meeting a discussion took place about potentially running the market as a community cooperative if the tendering process continues – however no decision was made.

Following the consultation period a report will be submitted to SDC’s strategy and resources committee on Thursday, February 13 setting out options for the future of the market.