J K ROWLING’S next book to be adapted for the screen could be partly filmed in Stroud.

Archway School headteacher Colin Belford has been approached by a production company to request the use of the school in Paganhill as one of the locations for filming a television dramatisation of Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy.

The Casual Vacancy, which was Rowling’s first novel following the Harry Potter series, begins with the death of parish councillor Barry Fairbrother and shows the affect it has on the small suburban West Country town where he lived.

In a letter to parents, Mr Belford explained that the production company was hoping to use the school early in July and during the summer break and also offered students the chance to sign up to be extras in the television series.

Mr Belford explained that quite a large number of student extras were needed in scenes where it is necessary to recreate school assemblies, examinations, corridor and outdoor shots and getting on and off school buses.

Currently there has been no confirmation when filming may begin at the school.

The Casual Vacancy is a BBC/HBO co-production being made by Bronte Film and Television, the production company co-owned by Rowling.

It has also been confirmed that Michael Gambon, the actor who took over the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies, will play the leading role of Harold Mollison in the production.