A CASHES Green couple are calling for a beech tree that hangs over their garden to be cut down out of fear that it could be dangerous.

Ron and Mavis Greenway have lived in their Cashes Green Road home for more than 40 years, but recently have become concerned about a tree which has begun to lean over their garden.

The couple, who have four grandchildren, are worried that if there is a repeat of the bad storms from last winter then the tree could end up in their garden, andas well as the onegarden next door.

Mr Greenway, 77, has been in contact with his local district and county council for months, however there was some confusion over who was responsible for the fate of the tree.

The trunk of the tree sits partly on a public footpath, which runs from Cashes Green Road to the Chase, and partly on the garden of another Cashes Green Road resident.

A spokesman for Stroud District Council said that, as the tree was on a public footpath, it was not the district council’s responsibility and that the council would only get involved if the tree was deemed dangerous.

While Daniel Tiffney, local highways manager at Gloucestershire County Council, said “We’ve been out to assess the tree on Cashes Green Road and established that it’s on privately owned land and therefore the responsibility of the land owner.”

Mr Greenway, who dresses up as Santa Clause at Christmas for various school and charity events in the Stroud area, said he believes the tree is dangerous and could easily come down, especially if there are storms, and cause a lot of damage to his property, as well as his next door neighbour’s.

“The tree is growing at an angle over both of our properties and if there is another bad winter this year, then the tree could end up causing a lot of damage,” added Mr Greenway.

“The over-hanging branches also cause a lot of problems as a result of the amount of leaves that fall into the two gardens, as well as the public footpath.

“The leaves can fill two or three black bin bags a day and last year an elderly women fell after slipping on the fallen leaves on the footpath,” Mr Greenway added. “We just want the tree gone.”

Mr Greenway said he was now going to contact his neighbour regarding the removal of the tree.