TV CREWS are about to put Minchinhampton on the entertainment map.

Minchinhampton Parish Council heard they would be in and around the town in mid and late August to shoot scenes for the TV adapation of J K Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy.

Council chairman Nick Hurst said everyone was hoping there would be the spin-off bonus of more visitors being drawn to explore the town after the film was broadcast.

“I think it is good for Minchinhampton,” said Cllr Hurst. “It will really encourage people to recognise what an attractive and welcoming town this is.”

He recognised there would be some disruption, with “stop go” traffic controls expected during some the filming, and said: “We would ask people to appreciate the bigger picture of the possible benefits to the town.”

The Casual Vacancy was Harry Potter author J K Rowling’s first novel for adults. It is a study of life in fictional Pagford, following the sudden death of a councillor. It is not expected to hit TV screens until next year.