HOLLYWOOD star Simon Pegg and blockbuster film company Universal Studios have given special permission to a Stroud Theatre Company to perform a stage adaptation of the hit movie Shaun of the Dead.

Stroud-based Almost Legal Productions have been afforded unique rights to bring the cult classic to the stage, in what will be a world premiere theatre production.

Chas Burns, director of the local theatre company, said everyone involved with the group was ‘ecstatic’ to have obtained Simon Pegg’s blessing for the show, which will run over three nights from October 30 to November 1.

The A-list actor, who grew up in Gloucester, recently starred in the latest Star Trek movie and is currently filming the next Mission Impossible film in Vienna.

From his base in Austria, the co-creator of Hot Fuzz and Paul expressed his support for the forthcoming Stroud production and gave a thumbs up to the new artwork Almost Legal Productions have produced to advertise their interactive stage show.

Organisers are now asking for donations from individuals and local businesses to help fund the production.

“This is a very exciting point in time for the company,” said Mr Burns.

“ Having such strong local values we are passionate about our community and we would like to offer Gloucestershire-based businesses the chance to be part of history by inviting 100 local companies to sponsor our production and help us to raise the £5,000 needed to stage the show.''

Mr Burns added that the theatre group wanted to make sponsorship accessible to all local companies, whether big or small, and had therefore devised a range of promotional packages.

Members of the public can get involved and support the project by donating on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter at: tinyurl.com/pq6395w

For more information on the sponsorship packages contact Chas on 07861699198 or email info@shaunofthedeadlive.co.uk