GLOUCESTERSHIRE Police have now released statistics about the incidents we dealt with in and around the designated badger cull area in Gloucestershire last year.

In the six weeks to October 20, 2014 there were 180 incident reports from members of the public - 16 direct from anti-cull/ protector community, 12 from individuals who wished to remain anonymous and 152 further calls from residents within the affected areas.

27 reports related to civil trespass and people walking on private land 20 reports by residents of suspicious persons, torches being shone or people wearing hoods and balaclavas.

17 reports of allegations of badger sett interference or sett sitting 8 reports of damage 5 reports of direct harassment, intimidating phone calls.

13 reports of concern / interference with livestock – horses spooked, gates left open.

36 reports concerning vehicles - following persons or parked with people in the cars 54 relates to other miscellaneous reports.

There were 30 crimes recorded: 13 Theft offences, 12 Criminal Damage, 2 Harassment, 1 Assault, 1 Public Order, 1 Witness intimidation.

There were 38 formal police investigations, a number of which remain open.

Superintendent Charlie Laporte, from Gloucestershire Constabulary, said: "We have worked closely with all individuals who have contacted us during the cull period.

"There were a number of incidents which have caused negative impact to our communities including a number of crimes committed as well as other incidents of harassment.

"Gloucestershire Constabulary understands the divisive views of our communities ‎in relation to the badger cull and are committed to minimising the impact of incidents to the communities we serve."