COME and find out who will win the Bardic Chair of Hawkwood 2015 title.
The winning wordsmith will be Bard at the Stroud based college for a year and a day.
They will get to sit in an original Eisteddfod chair, housed at Hawkwood. It dates from 1882 and has been kindly loaned by Richard Maisey, in whose family it has been for generations. Co-ordinator Kevan Manwaring says: "The Bard will become the ambassador for the good work of Hawkwood College, the Cotswold Word Centre, and their area. Having been a winner myself I know how empowering it can be – not only for the individual recipient, but also for their respective community. It is about celebrating local distinctiveness, fostering civic pride, and loving where you live."
The victor will be announced at Hawkwood College open day, at Painswick Old Road, in Stroud, on Monday, May 4.
The day, which also includes free taster workshops, children's activities, community choirs and traditional maypole dancing, runs from 10am to 5pm.